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With so much buzz about internet marketing and social media advertising many Arizona business owners are seeking the advise of internet marketing consultants. However, finding a good internet marketing consultant in Phoenix metro area can be difficult. It seems that everyone from the sales people at Dex Online to your Facebook crazy friend is calling themselves an internet marketing consultant. Business must be careful to find a consult that can effectively assess the needs of their business and provide a marketing solution based on industry knowledge.

Finding an independent consultant that can access all tools without incentive to sell a particular solution is very important. Would a sales person at Toyota recommend you buy a Ford based on your specific driving needs?

A consultant should be an impartial evaluator of your business and recommend solutions based purely on your business goals. This is why most sales people cannot provide you with reliable consultation about what products or services will work best for your business. It makes since that someone selling email services will recommend email, someone selling pay per click (PPC) will recommend PPC, someone selling search engine optimization (SEO) will recommend SEO, etc. Sales people are well intentioned, but they are not internet marketing consultants.  

At WSI we are not tied to any single product or solution for our clients. We charge for consultation, to eliminate the need to recommend a marketing solution. When we do recommend a marketing plan it is based on years of industry experience. Our plans focus on business objectives such as revenue and lead generation. As we understand that every business is unique and each requires a specific internet marketing plan.

With no specific product to sell or technology to implement we can confidently call ourselves internet marketing consultants. Even better most consultants get to make recommendations, but then have no responsibility for execution of the plan. At WSI we not only provide the internet marketing consulting, we also offer implementation services. With our extensive network of suppliers we can provide a wide range of internet marketing services.

So remember to look for an internet marketing consultant that can provide your business with impartial business focused advise. You never want a consultant that has an incentive to sell you a service or product. Look for a consultant that is willing to take responsibility for the execution of the marketing plan and has the ability to grow with your business. We are confident that the internet marketing consultants at WSI will provide your Arizona business the best possible internet marketing plan.
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